Affordable And Custom Burial Services in Deerfield Beach, FL.

A Cemetery Designed For Your Needs

Fairway Memorial Gardens provides custom funeral services in Deerfield Beach, FL designed to meet each family’s specific needs. Our caring staff at our cemetery near the Boca Raton, FL area is ready to assist you in this trying time to make funeral service arrangements that will honor your loved ones.

From casket options to plot locations and superior interments, At Fairway Memorial Gardens we are a unique cemetery that offers multiple funeral services, our team will lovingly walk you through the entire process.

Guiding You Through Difficult Decisions

Final arrangements can be very tough for all who are involved. However, at our superior cemetery and funeral home in Deerfield Beach, FL we ensure that no one feels alone in the process. We are committed to walking through the process by your side, making sure that the decisions made are best suited for you and those you are honoring.


Make the funeral process smoother for loved ones by taking care of logistical and financial aspects of your burial ahead of time. We will guide you through the funeral pre-planning process.


Our staff in the Boca Raton area will work with you to determine the most fitting funeral arrangements to honor a loved one and incorporate any religious and burial preferences.

Burial & Cremation

We offer an array of classic caskets, cremation caskets, and urns, in many styles and prices. Find the perfect option within our burial and top cremation services for you or a loved one.

Funeral Services

At our cemetery, we work hard to provide a serene space to hold a beautiful and respectful ceremony. It is our first priority to honor your loved one.


Honor a loved one with an air-conditioned, Italian-marble structure that holds their final resting place for eternity.

Take a Look at Our Gardens

Fairway Memorial Gardens is a tranquil location fit for honoring loved ones and providing peace for the soul.

Located in South Florida with gorgeous greenery and a warm beach climate, it is difficult to find more beautiful scenery to lay a loved one to rest.

Full Service Memorials 

At Fairway Memorial Gardens, we make sure that all funeral details are taken care of so you can focus on honoring your loved ones. We offer many different funeral services in Deerfield Beach, FL and also styles and accommodations to fit your preferences.

All Faith Cemetery

Our all-faith cemetery in Deerfield Beach, FL offers funeral services and memorial events that can accommodate any religious tradition and custom.

Jewish Cemetery

King David Cemetery provides consecrated burial grounds for Jewish families, including a private entrance and completely Kosher burials in our superior Jewish Cemetery.

Pet Cemetery

At our pet cemetery, we offer superior pet cremation services and pet burials in a private section as a final resting place for your beloved four-legged family member.

Memorial Services

Honor a loved one with a beautifully customized memorial service, surrounded by gorgeous Florida scenery.


We are dedicated to easing the stress of carrying out your loved one’s last wishes with our top cremation services in Deerfield Beach, FL.


Lay your loved one to rest with a beautiful ceremony that both honors and respects their lives. 


Honor a loved one with a gorgeous freestanding structure that holds their final resting place.

Graveside Service

Accompany your loved ones as they reach their final resting destination with a beautiful graveside service.

Funeral Pre-Planning

Alleviates Pressure when the Time Comes

Our passion is to assist families when they are faced with the hardship of losing a loved one. After years of walking through this process with our families, preparing details ahead of time alleviates much of the financial and emotional burdens.

Creating a plan and making pre-payments for cremation and funeral services allows peace of mind knowing that your family will have less of a financial burden and more time to grieve and celebrate your life. Our superior cemetery near the Boca Raton, FL area is happy to guide you through the planning process and discuss the various options.

Our Location

We are a new cemetery and Google maps, Apple maps, and Waze have been having trouble with pinpointing our exact location. We apologize for any difficulties that may occur. Please call 954-710-5707 for assistance or use the links below for exact directions on how to get to Fairway Memorial Gardens from the Sawgrass Expressway, Turnpike, or I-95.


1391 NW 45th St.
Deerfield Beach
FL 33064

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