A Short Funeral Flowers Guide

When someone dies, choosing the right flower arrangement for their funeral can be difficult. You want to choose something that’ll show your respect for the deceased while also fitting in with the rest of the funeral arrangements. When in doubt, however, there are a few funeral flowers that are always appropriate.

Beautiful Types Of Flower Arrangements

Floral Baskets

Deerfield Beach funerals often have floral baskets as a part of the decorations. A floral basket is usually made up of different flowers in colors that complement each other. When you order a floral basket, you can specify what types of flowers you’d like to have included.

Dish Gardens or Plants

If you go to a cemetery in Deerfield Beach, you’ll notice that many headstones have dish gardens or plants next to them. Dish gardens are small, potted plants that contain different flowers. They’re a nice way to add a little color to the funeral, and you can take them home afterward.

Standing Sprays

Standing sprays are one of the most popular features for funeral arrangements. They’re usually large and showy, and you can place them near the casket or at the front of the room. Many standing sprays are made up of white flowers, but you can specify other colors if you like.

When Sending Flowers Isn’t A Good Idea


While flowers are a wonderful way to show your respect, there are some instances where they might not be appropriate. For example, in some cultures, flowers are seen as a symbol of life, so they might not be suitable for a funeral.


If you’re unsure whether or not flowers are appropriate for the funeral you’re attending, it’s best to ask beforehand. In those cases, you can contact the funeral home to ask about what other types of donations the family might be accepting.


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