A private interment is a way of saying farewell to a loved one personally and meaningfully. It allows the bereaved family and their closest friends and relatives to honor the deceased in the comfort of their own space. 

The service is typically held at a cemetery, gravesite, or another setting of importance to the deceased and their family. During a private interment, loved ones may read poems, share memories, or do other activities that commemorate the deceased’s life. It is an opportunity to gather together in support during this challenging time and reflect on the legacy left behind. 

This blog will discuss the following: 

  • What Happens During a Private Interment 
  • Benefits of a Private Interment 
  • What To Do Next 

Let’s begin. 

What Happens During a Private Interment 

Once the graveside service has concluded, the family will proceed to the burial site. In a private interment, two or three pallbearers will carry the casket to its final resting place. The officiant may read a final prayer, and other written farewell words may be shared, such as poems or eulogies. 

Depending on the family’s wishes, the casket is lowered into the grave, and loved ones may participate in this act of closure. The officiant will then lead everyone in a committal ceremony. The service is concluded with a benediction or blessing from the officiant, and you can use any remaining time for family members to pay their respects and share their goodbyes. Following the service, loved ones may plant a tree, lay flowers, or other meaningful items that can be symbols of remembrance.

At the end of a private interment, family members should feel supported and comforted, knowing they have said goodbye in their way. They will begin to move forward in grieving, leaving their loved ones in a peaceful place.

Benefits of a Private Interment 

Private interment offers the peace and respect you want to provide your loved ones as they transition from life on Earth. You can create a meaningful, personalized ceremony to celebrate their life and ensure their legacy will live on for years. With private interment, you can assure family members that their departed relative is well cared for in their chosen place. 

The private interment process also allows the family to be involved in the burial so they can participate and actively grieve together as a unit. 

Furthermore, with private interment, you can select your plot or a memorialized area to honor your loved one. This gives you the freedom to create a meaningful and unique space, allowing you to keep the memories of your beloved intimately. Private interment provides a dignified burial tailored to the individual, creating a lasting memory and tribute to those who have passed away. 

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