A mausoleum is a building or structure built to serve as the final resting place for a deceased person. It typically consists of walls, columns, and a roof made of stone or brick and may contain ornamental features such as statues or sculptures. Mausoleums are often located in cemeteries and can be large, elaborate structures designed to commemorate the person interred inside. Families have mausoleums to honor their deceased loved ones in a unique and meaningful way.

This guide will go over the following: 

  • History of Mausoleums 
  • Types of Mausoleums 
  • Advantages and Costs Compared with Green Burials 

A Brief History of Mausoleums  

Mausoleums have a long and varied history. Dating back to Ancient Egypt, mausoleums were initially built as monuments to commemorate great leaders and powerful kings. As time went on, the usage of mausoleums for more private use began to develop in the ancient world and spread throughout the Mediterranean region. In Asia, particularly in China, mausoleums were erected to honor deceased family members. This usage eventually spread throughout Europe and became popular in the medieval era. By the Renaissance, mausoleums had become a symbol of wealth and prestige, often lavishly decorated with intricate sculptures, artworks, and other adornments.

Today, mausoleums provide a dignified and respectful resting place for the deceased. They provide families with a final memorial of their loved ones. Mausoleums also offer an opportunity for reflection and remembrance, allowing families to feel comfortable knowing their family member is in an eternal resting place. 

Types of Mausoleums ; Distinguished Structures 

Mausoleums are monuments that house the deceased and are used as lasting memorials. Several types of mausoleums are available, each offering its unique features to help honor your loved one.

The most common type of mausoleum is the above-ground burial structure. This mausoleum is typically constructed of either granite or marble and consists of single or multiple chambers. You can use this for individual and family entombment with several members interred together. Above-ground mausoleums allow visitors to pay their respects in person while providing a physical memorial that passersby can view.

Another type of mausoleum is the below-ground crypt. This is a less common option but still offers many benefits. Tombs are typically found in churches or cemeteries and provide a more intimate setting for family members to visit. They also offer additional protection from the elements compared to above-ground mausoleums.

Advantages and Costs Compared with Green Burials 

Mausoleums, or above-ground tombs, provide a unique and dignified way to honor the memory of your loved one. Unlike traditional burials in cemeteries, mausoleum entombment allows you to place your loved one’s remains into a dedicated burial chamber that is visible and accessible year-round, providing a tangible and visible way for your family to remember them.

Mausoleums also offer several practical advantages compared to green burials, typically buried within natural landscapes with no marked grave or permanent marker. For example, choosing a mausoleum allows you to pre-select a location where your loved one will rest, helping ensure their burial spot is where you imagine it. In addition, mausoleums provide climate-controlled storage for the remains, which helps minimize body degradation over time.

Although mausoleums may offer convenience and a sense of permanence, they come with associated costs that can vary significantly depending on the type of mausoleum you choose. Generally speaking, traditional mausoleums are more expensive than green burials due to the cost of building and maintaining them. Mausoleums also require a higher level of maintenance than green burials, as they can need frequent upkeep and cleaning to keep their appearance in tip-top shape.

Ultimately, deciding which type of burial to choose for your loved one should be based on personal preference and affordability. Both mausoleums and green burials have unique advantages and costs that may make them better or worse options for each family. 

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