Losing a pet is like losing a family member. It can be a heartbreaking experience for pet owners. During this challenging time, deciding what to do with the remains of your beloved pet is not easy. One of the best ways pet owners choose to honor their furry companions is through cremation.

If you don’t know much about this internment option, we can help you. Here, we’ll go over frequently asked questions about pet cremation, its types, and where to get cremation services. Keep reading to learn more.


FAQs About Pet Cremation

Which Pets Can Be Cremated?

Dog cremation is the most common form of a pet memorial. However, you can cremate nearly any other animal, such as cats, horses, birds, rabbits, hamsters, and even exotic pets like monkeys.

 But how much does giving a beloved pet a dignified send-off cost? The answer partly relies on your companion’s size and which type of cremation service you opt for, which we’ll discuss below.

Should You Bury Or Cremate?

Whether to bury or cremate depends on what you’re comfortable with. There is no right answer here, although generally, pet burials are more expensive than cremation services. 

Cremating your pet prevents the spread of diseases and uses less land for burial. Also, you can keep your pet’s cremated remains with you, either at home or by scattering them in a place that honors the memories of your furry companion.


3 Types Of Cremation 


If you’re considering pet cremation, there are 3 main types you can opt for; these are the following:

  1. Communal: This service is the most cost-effective and involves cremating many pets in one chamber. This means you won’t get your pet’s ashes back, so it won’t be the same as the other types of cremation.
  1. Partitioned: In a partitioned cremation, your pet is placed in the same chamber as other animals. While you can ask for your pet’s ashes to be returned, there could be particles of other animal remains mixed with that of your beloved companion.
  1. Private: For a private cremation, your pet is the only one placed in the chamber. This guarantees you’ll receive ash from only your pet. The cost of this process is worth considering for pet owners looking for a meaningful way to memorialize their furry friend.


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