Pets are companions. They bring joy and love to our lives, so it can be devastating when you have to say goodbye. It’s understandable if you want to keep their memorial near your home, where they spent their best days. However, there are some essential things you need to consider before deciding to bury your pet in your backyard.

The last thing you want is to risk your pet’s integrity after they pass. So, in this blog post, we’ll go over some of the key reasons you should consider burying your pet in another place. Keep reading!


5 Reasons To Avoid Burying Your Pet In Your Backyard

Pet burial is the most common way of honoring your beloved pet. But, unfortunately, it’s not the best idea to bury them in your backyard. Here is why:

1) Potential Resurfacing By Animals

Depending on the environment and species of the pet, other animals may be attracted to their burial. You’ll have to deal with the possibility of other animals digging up your beloved pet’s remains.

2) Resurfacing In Floodings

In many areas, there is a high risk of flooding or storms that could cause your pet’s remains to resurface. You don’t want to experience the heartache of having to move them again or, worse, having them washed away.

3) Legal Issues

You need to check the local laws in your area before deciding to bury your pet in your backyard. In some states, it may be legal; but in others, it may not be allowed. If you violate the law, you may be fined.

4) Moving & Losing Your Backyard Memorial

While you want to have your pet’s memorial near you, sometimes life has other plans. Keep in mind that if you ever have to move or sell your house, you’ll have to leave the memorial behind. You’ll lose the special place you created to remember your pet.

5) Environmental Contamination

When burying your pet in your backyard, you also expose the land to contamination. Depending on the soil and its composition, the decomposition process can contaminate the surrounding environment with toxins or pathogens.


Give Your Furry Friend A Proper Burial With Our Help

If you want to honor your pet’s life, you should consider a pet cemetery. Fairway Memorial Gardens provides a respectful and peaceful burial service for pets. We also offer services like personalized headstones, memorials, and more.

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