Making end-of-life decisions can be one of the most profound and emotionally challenging moments you can face. During this time, we seek solace, support, and guidance to honor our loved ones in a way that reflects their beliefs and traditions. Funeral homes offer many options when it comes to burials. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the different types of burials available, shedding light on burial alternatives and helping you navigate this delicate decision-making process. So, keep reading to learn more.

4 Types Of Burials

1) Ground Burial

This is what you need to know about ground burial:

  • General Description: Ground burial is a traditional interment method. It involves interring the remains in a designated plot within a cemetery, providing a final resting place to be visited and honored.
  • Components: These include a gravesite, a casket or coffin to house the remains, a vault, a grave marker that serves as a memorial, and a way to identify the resting place. At the same time, you can have an opening and closing. This includes the preparation of the gravesite for ground opening, closing, and landscaping.
  • Customization: Families can choose different types of caskets and grave markers and even add decorations or personalized touches to create a meaningful tribute.

2) Above-Ground Burial

This is how above-ground burial works:

  • General Description: Above-ground burial, or entombment, is an alternative to traditional ground burial. It involves placing the remains in an above-ground structure, such as a private family or community mausoleum.
  • Components: The components of above-ground burial typically include a casket to display the loved one and the opening and closing of the crypt.
  • Customization: Above-ground burials offer customization options such as personalized inscriptions, decorative elements, and the choice of materials for the mausoleum.

3) Cremation

Learn more about cremation here:

  • General Description: Cremation is an interment method that involves incineration converting the body into ashes. It’s an increasingly popular alternative to traditional burial.
  • Components: For this process, you need a casket or container for the cremation chamber and an urn for the ashes.
  • Customization: Families can choose from a wide range of urns or opt for memorial jewelry that contains a portion of the cremains. Additionally, loved ones have the flexibility to decide between scattering the ashes in a meaningful location or interring them in a memorial garden.

4) Green Burial

Basic information about Green Burial you can’t overlook:

  • General Description: Also known as natural burial, this is an environmentally friendly approach to burial that aims to minimize the impact on the earth. It involves interring the body to allow for natural decomposition and avoids using embalming fluids and non-biodegradable materials.
  • Components: These typically include choosing a burial site that promotes conservation and biodiversity, using biodegradable materials for the casket or shroud, and avoiding concrete burial vaults.
  • Customization: You can add simple headstones with a bronze plaque.

Ensure A Peaceful Resting Place At Fairway Memorial Gardens

If you’re planning end-of-life arrangements, you want to be prepared in times of need. Unfortunately, deciding what to do in this situation can be complicated. It causes you stress and can make you feel overwhelmed. You don’t deserve to experience the added burden of making difficult choices during a challenging time.

At Fairway Memorial Gardens, we understand you. Our empathetic team is here to guide and support you during the planning process. With our interment options, we’ve helped hundreds of families find solace and create meaningful memorials for their loved ones. 

So, we have a solution whether you’re looking for burial or cremation services. Contact us in Deerfield Beach to learn more.