Gravestone symbols are often used to memorialize those who have passed and can be found on grave markers, monuments, or headstones. These symbols have been around for centuries and represent someone’s beliefs, culture, and life story.

Their meaning is can vary depending on the culture or faith it is associated with. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the most popular cemetery symbols and their meanings. Keep reading!

6 Common Memorial Symbols & Their Meaning

Cemetery symbols are a great way to express your love and respect for the lost one, as well as a way to tell their story. Here are some of the most common gravestone symbols used today:

1) Angels: Angels are often seen as messengers from God and represent a connection to the divine. They can also symbolize protection, comfort, and guidance during loss.

2) Dove: Doves are a Jewish symbol of peace and represent the soul ascending. They can also stand for guardians of the soul, and for Christians, it symbolizes the Holy Spirit.

3) Crown: The crown symbolizes victory, triumph, and immortality. It can also represent honor, nobility, and the love that binds two people together in life and beyond.

4) Columns: A series of connected columns symbolizes family members, while a fractured column symbolizes deterioration. It commonly points to the death or absence of the family head.

5) Coat of Arms: A coat of arms symbolizes the family heritage and the life story that is being remembered. It can also represent the deceased’s last name, profession, or nationality.

6) Peacock: The peacock is a symbol of immortality and resurrection. It also stands for beauty, pride, and dignity.


Fairway Memorial Gardens: The All-Faith Cemetery You Were Looking For

If you have lost someone you love and are looking for memorial symbols to add to their gravestone, it is helpful to work with professionals. At Fairway Memorial Gardens, we understand these different customs and symbols.

You can count on our all-faith cemetery to add symbols and monuments of different cultural, religious, and spiritual beliefs. Fairway Memorial Gardens has been helping people celebrate the memories of their loved ones for many years. Here, you can enjoy tranquil and comforting gardens that will give you peace and serenity when visiting your loved one. Contact our team to learn more.