Everything You Must Know About Pet Cremation Services

Having pets has been proven to offer several health benefits. They help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, ease anxiety, and provide companionship. Because of the immense joy they bring to our lives, it’s natural that we want to do everything we can to care for them—including making arrangements to honor their memory after they pass away.


One of the best ways to handle your pet’s remains is through cremation. If you’re interested in learning more about this process, read on.


FAQs About Pet Cremation In Deerfield Beach

Burial or Cremation: Which One Is Better?

When deciding between burial or cremation for your pet, there is no right or wrong answer—it simply depends on what you feel is best. Some factors you may want to consider include:


  • Your personal beliefs
  • The type of pet you have
  • Whether you plan to keep your pet’s ashes


Which Pets Can Be Cremated?

The most common cremated pets are dogs, horses, and cats. However, you can cremate many pets, including rabbits, hamsters, birds, and even exotic ones like monkeys. 


What Are The Types Of Cremation?

Regarding cremation, you have 3 options:


  • Communal: In this type of cremation, many pets are placed in the cremation chamber together and reduced to ashes. The remains are then scattered or disposed of in some other manner.


  • Partitioned: With this method, pets are still cremated with other animals, but during the partitioning process, the ashes are separated. This allows you to receive your pet’s ashes; however, you can’t be entirely sure that the ashes didn’t mix.


  • Private: In a private cremation, your pet is the only one in the chamber, and you’re given their ashes afterward.


How Does Cremation Work?

The cremation process reduces the animal’s body to bone fragments through intense heat. If you choose private cremation for your pet, the ashes will be placed in your chosen compartment. Some crematoriums or funeral homes can provide a box, an urn, or other closed containers.


Let Your Pet Rest In Peace In Our Pet Cemetery

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We understand how difficult it’s to lose a pet, and we’re here to help you through this tough time. Our serene and beautiful setting is the perfect place for your beloved pet to rest in peace. Contact us today to learn more.