There’s a lot on your shoulders if you’re in charge of funeral arrangements after a loved one passes. You must consider and understand the available options and ensure their wishes are honored. One of those options is green burial, an environmentally-friendly burial process that reduces harm to the environment.

If you want to learn more about green burials, here are a few of the most commonly asked questions. Keep reading and be ready when the time comes.


5 Common FAQs About Green Burial

1) What Are Green Burials?

Green burials involve a burial process where the body is not embalmed and is placed in a biodegradable coffin. Green burials reduce the number of chemicals released into the environment during the burial process, allowing for more natural decomposition of the body.

2) How Are Bodies Prepared?

To preserve the body, bathing and dressing are necessary steps. The experts will use a cooling mechanism such as dry ice or Techni-ice to further this process. This preservation can last from 1-3 days before burial is conducted. Following these guidelines is essential for properly caring for the body before its internment. For more support and education during this time frame, seeking out a home funeral guide may prove beneficial.

3) How Deep Should You Place The Body?

In order to guarantee a decomposition process that meets optimal conditions, it is best to bury the body 3.5 – 4 feet from the bottom of the grave to the soil horizon. This technique also creates an 18-24 inch smell barrier that prevents animals from detecting any odors.

4) What If The Body Is In Bad Condition?

The contract and guidebook must provide strict regulations for the body’s condition before burial. It should clarify that families will be denied the service if these conditions are not met. Funeral directors typically help prepare for burial, so they should ensure to mend any damage or resolve issues beforehand.

5) Do Green Burials Contaminate Water Table Or Drinking Water?

Absolutely not. Burials occur at depths of up to three and a half feet, making it impossible for the gravesites to contaminate any drinking water, which lies around 75 feet below ground level. Moreover, strict regulations require burials to be conducted away from all known surface water sources to prevent any risk.


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