Death is an inevitable part of life, and it’s crucial to think about and plan for our departure. One of the decisions we may have to make is whether we’ll choose cremation or green burial. Both are respectful ways to honor our loved ones when they pass, but some critical differences must be considered before deciding.

Here, we’ll go over the key differences between green burial and cremation and why a person may choose one over the other. Keep reading.

Let’s Go Over The Basics

What Is A Green Burial?

A green burial is a natural burial that’s respectful to the environment and conserves our planet’s resources. By embracing this death care process, we can avoid embalming, use concrete vaults, reconsider our burial containers with more environmentally friendly options, and conserve natural habitats. Decisions at each step, from pre-planning to the actual funeral, will help limit waste production, lessen our carbon footprint on the earth, and nourish local ecosystems.

What Is Cremation?

Cremation is a process that involves the incineration of deceased bodies, which reduces them to ashes. It’s been used as an alternative to traditional burials for centuries, and it’s currently a popular form of interment in North America due to its cost-effectiveness and convenience.

How To Choose Between Both Options


Coffins and caskets are overwhelmingly the options chosen for the cremation process despite shrouded cremation becoming more available and popular due to its affordability and environmental benefits. Since caskets are significantly more solid than shrouds, they take more energy to burn, and the chemicals from the lacquers used are released into the atmosphere.

Cardboard coffins are a popular choice for cremation and green burials, as they are less expensive. While cardboard is a more environmentally sustainable option and takes less energy to burn in the crematorium, this material often contains toxic formaldehyde. It’s usually not made from fully recycled materials, and a significant amount is imported overseas, adding carbon miles.

Pollution & Energy Usage

Cremation is more energy-intensive than green burial because of the sheer heat required to reduce bodies to ashes. This produces a significant amount of air pollution.

On the other hand, green burials use very little energy, and their environmental impact is much lower. They require no embalming or cremation, so there are no toxic chemicals released into the environment, and they do not need any form of fuel to create heat for incineration.

Ash & Bone 

Cremation leaves a minimal amount of ash, usually kept in an urn or scattered by family members. This means that your loved one cannot be buried in the ground. Green burials are much more natural, as they involve burying the deceased in a biodegradable coffin or shroud, allowing their body to return to the earth over time.

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