Ideal Way To Handle Your Pet’s Remains

Pets are family members, and their lives deserve to be honored and remembered after they pass away. Many pets hold particular places in their owners’ hearts and giving them a respectful burial or cremation is a final, meaningful act of farewell. What better way to honor their lives than burying them in a spot they’d enjoy?


When dealing with your pet’s remains, you have different options to consider: home burial, cremation, and pet cemeteries. 

#1 Home Burial

If you have a favorite spot in your yard where you spend time with your pet, the idea of burying it there can be very comforting. But keep in mind that burying your pet on private property is illegal in some areas, so check into this before taking any action. It would be best to discuss all other necessary charges for this process with everyone involved before making your final decision. 

#2 Pet Cremation Services

You may also wish to consider cremation as an alternative to burial. Many people believe scattering the ashes provides a more natural way to say goodbye. Consider having your pet’s remains cremated if you want to have your pet’s remains on your property but don’t have a space to bury an actual body (especially one of a large pet). This option still offers the benefit of allowing your pet to remain at home.


Some people scatter the ashes in the pet’s yard, where it once lived and played; this is another method of returning the pet home. Others opt to spread the ashes in a way that represents the pet being released free on its ultimate journey.


#3 Pet Cemetery

Many today would like some official recognition of their pets’ significance in their lives. This is often achieved through being able to keep the pet’s remains, choosing a final resting place where they can go and remember that pet. A formal cemetery burial, rather than an informal backyard burial, seems to many to be a more fitting tribute.


You won’t have to be concerned about what will happen to your pet if you leave the property where it is buried; it will be cared for regardless of where you go or what happens to you. Although cemetery burial is a pricey alternative, many people find it a comfortable and secure way to treat their pet’s remains.


Looking For A “Pet Cemetery Near Me”?

Fairway Memorial Gardens is dedicated to preserving the memory of those who have passed away. We understand that losing a pet is a challenging and unexpected experience. Our team is ready to help you honor its life in the best way possible. What better way to bury your friend in a field surrounded by lovely flowers, with the beach nearby?


We have many options at our pet cemetery near Boca Raton, FL,, which offers memorials, headstones, personalized objects, and urns. Our lovely garden is the ideal spot for your pet to rest. We offer you a fantastic place to visit your pet, surrounded by fresh, green grass and beautiful views. Reservations and purchases of our plots are both possible. 


Contact one of our professionals in the Boca Raton area if you have any concerns about pet burial in FL.