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Frequently Asked Questions About Funeral Pre-Planning

There are a few components to focus on when planning your funeral: preparing the remains, ceremonial details, and how the in-between will be handled. There are a range of options for each stage, and a team member at Fairway Memorial Gardens is ready to assist you.

Yes – We accept payments ahead of time that are often much more affordable than what one would pay at the time of death.

Yes – Our services are fully customizable to every religion, value, and custom you may have. We want to make this day as beautiful as possible and will work hard to get every detail to align with your wishes.

Funeral Services in Deerfield Beach, FL

Funerals serve as a special way to remember one’s life while also providing a safe place for family and friends to come together for emotional support. It encourages attendants to face the pain of loss and express their feelings in a healthy way as they say their final goodbyes.

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