Funeral Services in Deerfield Beach, FL

Why Have a Funeral?

Funerals can be performed in many different ways, following an array of religious beliefs, customs, and traditions. At Fairway Memorial Gardens we are an all-faith cemetery in the Boca Raton area.

Our superior funerals will accommodate any such beliefs and religious views so the ceremony is an accurate reflection of the life passed. We are here to discuss options for arrangements to make this day memorable. Please, do not hesitate to reach out with questions, as we understand this time can be overwhelming.

Funeral Options Available

Available Arrangements

Whether you are looking to have food, floral arrangements, or religious customs incorporated into the ceremony, our staff is happy to make sure your needs are met. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any and all questions about options or arrangements for funerals at our memorial gardens in the Boca Raton area.

Burial or Cremation

Our team in the Boca Raton area offer burial and cremation arrangements complete with beautiful ceremonies, customized caskets and urns, and an attentive staff. We’ve got plenty of options available, so inquire today for more details.

Financial Assistance

The financial expenses of a funeral can easily become a burden on family members. We are committed to providing numerous price points and financial assistance to ensure a funeral is both beautiful and cost-effective. Contact a member of our team in the Boca Raton area for more information on our funerals.

Funeral Etiquette

  • Arrive 10 to 20 minutes early
  • Dress in appropriate attire
  • Silence mobile devices
  • Bring a gift unless instructed otherwise
  • Check to make sure if children are allowed
  • Express your sympathy and condolences
  • Be attentive and considerate
  • Leave the first two rows of seats for the family members