Our Green Burial Services Include:

  • Beautiful presentation of the casket
  • Incorporation of any religious beliefs and customs
  • Fully customizable ceremonies
  • A gorgeous place of remembrance for a loved one
  • Full-service burial arrangements
  • Tombstone customization
  • The option of open or closed casket
  • Selection of plot and scenery
Green Burial in the Boca Raton, FL Area

We Support You Every Step of the Way

What’s Your Life Story?

Our all-faith cemetery in the Boca Raton area seeks to honor your life and tell your story in a way that you would be proud of. Our ground burial services are fully customizable to incorporate personal beliefs and customs.

One Location

Reserve space so your family can be reunited at their time of passing and laid to rest surrounded by the gorgeous Florida scenery that our gardens provide. Reserve and purchase a plot today at our all-faith cemetery in the Boca Raton area.

Green Burial Options

Our green burial option allows for the natural decomposition of the body to be recycled into the land. Choose from an array of bio-friendly options that we offer at our superior cemetery to honor your loved one and the land they lie in.

That’s the Way to Go

At Fairway Memorial Gardens, our first priority is to alleviate the stress and burden that planning a burial can cause. We are proud to provide many options and funeral services including superior green burials that seek to honor your loved ones in a way that they would be proud of while providing you with a beautiful place to visit them.

Have peace of mind that your loved one is resting in one of the most peaceful places in all of Florida.

We are here for you! If you have any questions regarding our all-faith cemetery and ground burial services, please contact our team in the Boca Raton area today. We look forward to walking by your side during this trying time.





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