What You Need to Know about Interments and Funerals

It is always a difficult time when we lose a loved one. No one is prepared for something like this, as we never know when it will happen. Interment and funeral arrangements can be very overwhelming, especially if you are not familiar with the process.


Today we’ll discuss what you need to know about interment and funeral arrangements so that you know what to expect from interment and funerals in Deerfield Beach, FL.

What is an Interment?

Interment is the burial of a deceased person in a grave, tomb, or mausoleum. They usually place the body in a casket or coffin before the burial. Typically, people practice interment to respect and preserve the body of the deceased. The meaning of interments may vary according to culture.


The techniques of interment have changed over time, as different cultures have developed their own methods. For example, people would often bury their dead in shallow graves in the past. They used to do this to prevent animals from digging up the body. Nowadays, people usually bury their loved ones in deep graves so that the body remains protected.

What is a Funeral?

A funeral is a ceremony that aims to remember and honor the life of a deceased person. A religious leader typically presides over the funeral. The family and friends of the deceased person usually attend the funeral.


Funerals often include eulogies, which are speeches that praise the deceased person. People often give eulogies at funerals to share their deceased person’s memories. The ceremony may also include music, readings, and prayers. Funerals in Deerfield Beach, FL, often take place at a funeral home, church, or cemetery.

The Best All-Faith Cemetery in Deerfield Beach FL

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