Jewish Cemetery in South Florida

When a loved one passes away, all that’s left to do is provide them with a proper place to rest in peace. Traditional funeral homes can misunderstand Jewish traditions; however, Fairway Memorial Gardens knows how to honor your traditions and faith.


We understand the k’vod hamet principle, so we provide you with quick burials to meet its timeline. At Fairway Memorial Gardens, we offer different plots and locations where you can honor your loved one. Our King David Cemetery is one of the state’s most beautiful and peaceful final resting places, offering picturesque views and gorgeous landscaping.


We also have Rabbis available to conduct the funeral. We cover all aspects throughout the whole process and you can trust that we will follow and honor your tradition with the utmost respect. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Comprehensive Jewish Services In Florida

At Fairway Memorial Gardens, we provide funeral services in Florida. Our Jewish cemetery is the most beautiful and peaceful final resting place in the state. These are some of the advantages you receive by choosing us:


  • An exclusive consecrated garden area for Jewish burials
  • We ensure that we’ll meet the Jewish customs’ timeline
  • We offer simple services to honor Jewish tradition
  • Available Rabbis to conduct services
  • You’ll have time for eulogy & prayer
  • Full customized service for funeral arrangements
  • Kosher caskets


We Respect Your Faith By Offering Designated Burial Plots & Locations


Reform: We focus on the guidelines laid out by the Torah for the Jewish community. We’ll ensure that we meet the proper timelines and that all the details are in place. We want to honor your loved one while also respecting and upholding Jewish values.


Conservative: Our Burial Ceremonies will follow conservative Jewish law to provide a respectful and honoring ceremony. All the burial details and the choice of Rabbi are entirely customizable.


Orthodox: Our Jewish cemetery in Florida can help you adhere to the Orthodox Jewish culture’s sacred funeral and burial practices. We’ll take care of everything, from food preparation to burial details.

Choose A Trustworthy Jewish Cemetery In South Florida

Fairway Memorial Gardens is the right choice if you’re trying to find the best Jewish cemetery in South Florida. Our compassionate and professional staff will help you through every step of the process. We’ll ensure your loved one is honored and laid to rest according to your wishes. Stop searching for a “cemetery near me,” we have you covered; contact us today.

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